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Tai chi fit workout

Tai chi fit workout

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Tai chi fit workouts

Tai chi DVD for beginners and seniors

This 3-DVD set provides you with a comprehensive introduction to Tai Chi with step-by-step instruction suitable for beginners and seniors. The included Qi gong, balance, strength, stretching, cardio, breathing exercises and more will help you to improve your overall fitness and health. Also included is a guide book to help you learn the basics of Tai Chi. Start your journey to improved overall well-being today!

  • Harmonious blend of modern fitness infused with Tai Chi DVD, Qi gong, Kung fu, Best of Both Worlds
  • Includes- Easy to learn Tai Chi training + 2 total body workouts + Tai Chi forms guide + Balance DVD
  • Promotes health & wellness. Rejuvenates- Energizes-Improves Mobility- Strengthens- Restores Balance
  • Includes- 11 x17 full color Tai Chi poster illustrating 7 forms + hand positions-Tai Chi chart
  • Tai Chi for beginners and seniors- Perfect for all ages and skill levels easy Tai Chi Qigong DVD
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