DNA Based Active Vitamin Supplements

Vitamin And Supplements Designed For You 

The most personalized daily vitamin using an evidence-based algorithm and microbead technology. Each formula is entirely unique and is based on the user’s DNA data, blood nutrient levels, and lifestyle information.They monitor your health through in-app tracking and at-home lab tests.Work to improve your insights and fine-tune your nutrient formula overtime.

A comprehensive analysis to uncover if micronutrient deficiencies are behind your fatigue, brain fog, productivity loss, mood imbalance and more. The science of nutrigenetics details how slight variations in your genes can alter how you absorb. Understanding your metabolization,distribution,and excretion of nutrients.

Thus impacting the type and amount of each nutrient you need. We consider 50+ research-proven genetic variations.Their 19-question analysis provides information about your size, age, biological gender, activity level, dietary preferences, family life, and more.

The data is used directionally to create your baseline range for each nutrient.

Experience Rootine, the future of personalized nutrition