About Us

In The Beginning 


Starforce Production was Established in 2015 by Author, Designer & Inventor S. L. Worthen A.S. Located in Ohio 


BECOME THE PROUD Sponsor (P.O.T.S.) Peace on the Streets.

An Non-Profit Designed to Reduce Violent Crime in the Youth and Young Adults. Creating Alternative Activities in Ohio and surrounding area's is the goal. Founding accordingly is an ongoing challenge and needed fulfillment.

STARFORCE PRODUCTION LLC has become an affiliate marketeering content/copy writer. Our current focus is on health, travel (travel is enjoyably healthy). We have posted the best free start/setup website builders. ( like the tools I am using now), have our attention. Learning online marketing step by step beginner to pro.

All efforts are focused on funding (P.O.T.S.) and living our best life.