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  • TRIPLE Strength fish oil dietary supplement contains 1,000mg of EPA/DHA Omega-3s in each serving. Certified purified ingredients from wild, deep ocean fish to reduce contaminants like heavy metals, dioxins and PCBs. Premium non-GMO omega 3 fatty acid.
  • Made without soy, dairy, gluten, flavors, preservatives, colors, and tree nuts. Ingredients must pass our 3rd party lab tests to ensure a product that is safe, pure, and potent. Enjoy 1200mg EPA with 900mg DHA across every serving.
  • Contains specific triglyceride omega 3 fish oil that is purified to remove heavy metals like mercury and any other harmful contaminants. An efficiently absorbed omega-3 nutritional supplement that should be taken at least once per day.
  • Offering benefits that promote heart health and brain health, but if taken over a long period of time could support a positive mood, joint strength, and immune defense.  Supplements
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