Electronics, Xbox, Quest-2 with Gift Cards

Electronics, Xbox, Quest-2 with Gift Cards


Recently Starforce Production LLC. launched their New Online Store on Shopify, Focused Connections.

New customers are having issues with the purchases of Digital Gift Cards. Here is what we have learned about some of these issues.

Follow this link below to YouTube. This will explain the details: Gift Cards Not Work. Cut and Paste link in Youtube. All product links are Active.


Over Standing the frustration of

1st. Trusting a webstore to provide the customer with advertised goods.

2nd making a purchase and not receiving their ordered goods or services.

3nd Not receiving any complimentary options

We will stop number 4. before we list it.

We do appreciate you shopping at our Focused Connections Online Store.

As to that affect, We are providing you with direct links from our world wide distribution network partners to insure better shipping, local VAT and tax data transfers and more.

Xbox Live Gold: 12 Month  

We think this may give you a new view on things.

Meta Quest 2 - Advanced All-In-One Virtual Reality 

The added piece to this puzzle is Accessories Bundle

All in One Accessories Bundle for Oculus/Meta Quest 2 

Power for your virtual world 

Charging Dock for Meta Quest 2 

Must be 18+yrs and have an account for PlayStation Network to redeem. May be redeemed for anything on PlayStation Store.

Pre-order. Pre-load. Play.

$100 PlayStation Store Gift Card 

Time for Fun and Games

Game On HERE with Deadpool - Xbox 360

Once again we are offering these opportunities to acknowledge the inconvenience this issue has caused. We are Focused on our customers Connections.

More Option and product search capabilities Here for You Today

Thank You

S. L. Worthen A. S.

Starforce Production LLC.

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